Bardahl : Epitome of Racing

The essence of racing equates to an ode to races we often find ourselves battle ourselves to meet the challenge we embraced.

From being a provider of an essential lubricant on the Orbiting Solar Observatory space vehicle built for NASA to on the go to victory flight in the Transcontinental Race championship in 1968, we certainly knows the sky is definitely not the limit. At sea Ms. Bardahl won 5 times in the Gold Cup Race in Detroit in 1968. On that very same year, Bardahl-Porsche victoriously won the 6 hour Enduro at River-side International raceway. In truth, Bardahl’s racing days begins way back in  the ‘50s, when Bardahl sponsored the Ferrari Bardahl Experimental Car, took part in the 1957 Le Manns, Monaco race in the 60’s. Since than Bardahl is closely knitted to races, summary of the events are, Daker race in Argentina, Mercedes-Benz Challenge & stock car race & super bike racing in Brazil, Belgium, France, Italy, Formula Drift in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, GRA National Autocross in Malaysia, Toyota & Subaru BRZ race in Japan, 4×4 SUV survival race in Malaysia, D1 Primring Grand Prix in Japan & Russia, as well as other races in Australia, China, Korea, Japan & New Zealand,. Not to mentioned there were aplenty of bikes racing in Las Vegas and Europe as well.

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