DFC with Cetane

ENGINE: Diesel
PRODUCT SIZE: 24x5oz, 12x32oz
PRODUCT TYPE: Fuel Additive
RECOMMENDED USE: Use every fill-up

General Description
Modern diesel engines use sophisticated fuel injection systems to provide efficient engine operation and performance. There is a clear relationship between injector fouling and general fuel system cleanliness to loss of performance and fuel economy in both indirect and direct injection diesel engines. The latest electronically controlled Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI) have smaller nozzle orifices and tighter internal clearances which require extreme cleanliness for proper operation.

The quality of the diesel fuel is the major contributor to injector fouling and subsequent loss of power, performance and fuel economy. That said, even “high” quality diesel fuel contributes to injector deposits just at a slower rate. The major diesel engine manufacturers (OEMs) have issued statements through the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) recommending the use of “Premium” diesel fuels. These “Premium” diesel fuels incorporate a fuel system detergent, and increased cetane through the use of a multifunctional diesel fuel additive.

  • A complete multi-functional diesel fuel additive that is formulated to turn regular diesel fuel into “premium” diesel fuel
  • Provide initial “clean-up” and long term “keep clean” performance in all types of diesel fuel injection systems
  • Superior fuel system cleanliness in indirect injected engines & older direct injected engines, and the latest CRDI engines
  • Incorporated with cetane improver for faster igniting fuel, more complete combustion with more power, greater fuel economy and reduced emissions