CRDI Cleaner

ENGINE: Diesel
PRODUCT SIZE: 24 x 11oz
PRODUCT TYPE: Fuel Additive
RECOMMENDED USE: Use every 5,000 km

General Description
BARDAHL CRDI CLEANER is the most advanced cleaner in the world for modern CRDI injection systems. Poor quality diesel fuel damages injectors with CRDI systems, causing expensive repairs requiring injector and fuel pump replacement. The advanced deposit control technology used in Bardahl CRDI Cleaner was specially developed to meet the needs of modern computer controlled diesel injection systems. This deposit control technology has been tested in the rigorous CEC DW10 test procedure which was designed to evaluate the ability of diesel injection cleaner to control nozzle coking in modern high pressure common rail diesel engines. The DW10 test measures power loss in engines equipped with the type Euro-5 injectors.
  • One Tank Clean-Up of all diesel injection systems
  • Compatible with all typical fuel system hoses, seals and other elastomers
  • Removes both conventional injector nozzle fouling deposits and internal diesel injector deposits (IDID)
  • Restores power and performance in all types of diesel engines
  • Safe for use in modern electronic CRDI and “legacy” mechanical injection systems
  • Reduces emissions – hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide
  • Increase fuel economy in field trials and dynometer testing
  • Fully compatible with Biodiesel blends