At Bardahl, only the most appropriate and best raw materials are used in the blending of its lubricants for automotive, heavy duty, industrial and marine applications. Formulated with the severely refined hydrocracked and industry-leading synthetic base stocks with proven and latest additive systems in the petroleum industry, you can expect nothing less than a superior engine oil from us. Our lubricants are further enhanced with the Noble Prize winning Fullerenes C60 formula that was successfully incorporated in our engine oils. This proprietary additives play a critical role in delivering the extra edge over the competitors, providing unparalleled protection against friction and heat. All these are because we know how important it is to deliver maximum performance to our customers around the world. The commitment made 74 years ago by the founder, Mr. Ole Bardahl, “If we can’t make the best chemicals in the world, we won’t make any at all’ has been the key to such a worldwide appeal over the years.

Experience the Fullerenes C60 enhanced lubricants for Extra Protection today.

Everything runs better with Bardahl.