About Us

Bardahl Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. was set up in Singapore in 2006 as the regional head office to provide comprehensive and timely supports to the Bardahl customers in the region. Besides acting as the logistic hub for the distribution of Bardahl additives made in USA & Europe, Bardahl Asia Pacific produces a wide range of lubricants & additives in Singapore. These include automotive, light & heavy duty vehicles, motorcycles, mining & industrial machinery and marine lubricants & greases. Many of these are specially formulated for the Asia Pacific market requirements.

As happened more than 70 years ago, today, Bardahl Asia Pacific continues the founder’s commitment to quality. Many of the products have received approvals & endorsement from world renowned automobile & equipment makers such as BMW, Daimler, Volvo, Cummins, MAN & Detroit Diesel. Bardahl’s quality control procedure include tracking, testing, identifying and marking all ingredients, so that the consumer using a Bardahl product anywhere in the world can identify a code of each bottle, can, pail or barrel, and from that code, Bardahl has the ability to identify every raw material and component that goes into the product. This attention to details ensures the highest quality throughout the whole production process.

Combining the strengths of Bardahl’s very own revolutionary Polar Plus additive technology and superior hydrocracked base stocks, Bardahl lubricants are gaining widespread acceptance and our market share continue to grow. Large and small companies throughout the world have used Bardahl products and that list of companies comprises of who’s who of world renowned names.

Today, Bardahl’s presence is felt across the Asia Pacific region in countries such as Singapore, Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Russia, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Australia, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Fiji, Samoa and Angola, Africa.

Bardahl is a trusted name that has earned respect around the world for more than 70 years. It is definitely a company that will continue to build and enhance that reputation for many years to come.

Bardahl, A World Without Friction.

Bardahl Worldwide

Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation is headquartered in Seattle, Washington where Mr. Ole Bardahl founded the company in 1939 with a rich history that spans more than 70 years. In addition to the primary blending and manufacturing facilities located in Seattle and Belgium, Bardahl has more than 7 licensed blending and packaging facilities spread around the world and are located in Holland, Italy, Spain, Canada, Singapore, Brazil and Argentina.

Bardahl products are sold worldwide through our distribution network in over 80 countries in North America, the European Union, Asia, Central and South America, and Africa. This vast network of manufacturing and distribution facilities assures full accessibility to the complete range of Bardahl products and services.

The Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation and all its affiliates still follow the philosophy of producing the finest quality products available in the lubrication and additive marketplace. Bardahl continues to be the undisputed leader with innovative and technologically advanced products. Scientific research and the chemists in Bardahl’s in house laboratories constantly improve and update Bardahl formulas, keeping the products one step ahead of the competition. For decades it has always been Bardahl’s goal to maintain technological advances in the field of additives and specialty lubricants.

Our history demonstrates over seventy years of commitment to producing the best quality products in the marketplace using only the finest ingredients. We put a large emphasis on customer support, quality control, testing and innovation. These high standards continue to win the recognition and endorsement of the automotive community worldwide. Today, Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation has evolved from a small, one-product company to a large worldwide organisation which sells over four hundred different products, packaged in more than 16 languages and marketed in over 80 countries around the world. We continue to produce quality products that meet and exceed automobile, industrial and OEM specifications worldwide such as BMW, VOLVO, Cummins, Daimler, NMMA, Detroit Diesel, MAN, JALOS, NSF, API and many more.

History of Bardahl

This is a story of a man who, against all odds, prospered by hard work and determination. Ole Bardahl was a Norwegian immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1922. When he arrived in Seattle, he was a complete stranger and couldn’t speak a word of English.

Eventually he found a job in a Ballard sawmill. When not working, he struggled to save money from his meager wages and went to school studying chemistry, accounting and English.

In 1929, Mr. Bardahl had saved enough money to become a building contractor. Throughout the depression era, he worked 16-hour days building and selling homes he had built. By 1936, he had reached a point where he was able to try his hand in other business opportunities.

1939, he began his second business and bought a small chemical company (the beginning of Bardahl). He had a small manufacturing plant in Ballard, a small community of Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish immigrants. He personally oversaw the entire operation from operating blending tanks, serving as salesman, shipping clerk and canning machine operator. The company he bought had a number of cleaners and one oil product. Ole Bardahl was a man of vision quickly realizing the potential of his oil additive.

Sales in the first few years were slim. In 1939, sales amounted to a mere $188 and WWII kept growth to a minimum due to wartime shortages. After 1939, racing enthusiasts in America found that adding Bardahl to their automobiles gave them an advantage over their competition. These enthusiasts demanded the performance and Bardahl delivered every time. Bardahl has been present in all forms and levels of racing around the world including Formula 1, the IndyCar Circuit, Unlimited Hydroplanes, Airplanes, Off-Road and World Rally Championship Series and such world famous races as the Indianapolis 500, Monte Carlo and the Paris to Dakar.

In 1947, Bardahl saw sales rise to $200,000 and by 1952, Bardahl sales were ranked third among it’s competitors. Soon after, the results of an effective television advertising campaign established Bardahl as the top seller in the United States and then the international number one seller, a position still enjoyed in many countries.

Prior to Bardahl, lubricants were weak, molecular-attraction based formulas that brokedown during use. Bardahl’s Polar Attraction Formula allows lubricants to maintain an anti-friction, anti-wear and extreme pressure microscopic film insulating every moving metal part in any mechanical system. The product was so revolutionary that the American army decided to keep it as a defense secret till the end of the Second World War.

Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation corporate offices are still located in Ballard (Seattle) and the company is still run by the Bardahl family with Evelyn Bardahl McNeil, and her Husband Hugh McNeil, Chairman and President of the corporation.

Bardahl is often tested in every day use. The most challenging and hardest on engines is the demanding No-Oil Run. This test consists of adding Bardahl to an engine, letting it run for only a few minutes, draining the oil out of the engine completely and then driving a distance of more than 200 miles (350 km). At the end of the test, the engine is completely disassembled and inspected for wear and tear. Bardahl’s proven technology protects engines even under these extreme conditions. Completed in several countries including America, Malaysia, Argentina and most recently Italy in a large 18-wheel truck, this test proves Bardahl’s long lasting protection of the most critical metal components found in an engine. In 1999, Bardahl decided to challenge the previous No-Oil Run record it had held for years. Bardahl partnered the Malaysian distributor, Cycle & Carriage and organized the longest NO-OIL Run in Bardahl history. Same method was used as in the previous runs, and in 1999, a new record was made in Malaysia – A total of 1,330 km journey was completed by two cars running without engine oils – only treated with Bardahl B1 Oil Treatment – and without overheating or engine burnt

Bardahl 80 GOOD Years, 1939 - 2019.

At Bardahl 3 things define us, Our Customers, Our Distributors, and Our Community.

For 80 years, Bardahl has been a global manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket car care additives and lubricants. Since 1939 we have grown leaps and bounds and have not looked back since. Today, our lubricants and aftermarket car care additives are made in the USA, Singapore, Europe and other parts of the world and we are the first to use the C60 Fullerene formulation in most of our products that emphasises superior triple layer protection for engines.

Since 1939 Bardahl’s unwavering dedication to serving your aftermarket car care additives and lubricant needs have never been compromised. Wherever you may be,Bardahl is just a click away and more than just our products, we are define by Our People. We understand the vital importance of Our Customers play, and we aim to meet their needs at every steps of the way. We also recognise the fundamental roles Our Distributors in promoting and delivering our products to our customers’ doorstep. Lastly, we know that without Our Community, we would be unable to achieve the success that we and our customers have enjoyed.

At Bardahl, we know that success is a concerted effort, with happy customers who appreciate the countless hours we put into our quality products, a camaraderie with Our Distributors who work with us hand in hand with unyielding dedication, and Our Community with whom we foster mutual rapport with.

In this memorable and joyous occasion, we invite you to join us to celebrate the 80 years of excellence!

At Bardahl, we dare you to envision A WORLD WITHOUT FRICTION.

C60 & Fullerene

Fullerene is the third known form of stable carbon, besides diamond and graphite. BARDAHL is the first company in the world to apply the fullerene chemistry to the sector of lubricants, thus exploiting the fact that the fullerene spheres work like real micro-ball bearings, non-deformable and extremely stable: they interpose between contacting surfaces and reduce friction in their movement.


  1. First protection level attained by the BARDAHL lubricating film.
  2. Second protection level by the Polar formula.
  3. Third protection level achieved through the fullerene molecules.


Bardahl scientists successfully eliminated the problem of unprotected metal surface by carefully formulating a special additive known as Polar Attraction. It fastens to metal and stays in place because the basic molecule used is a large one with a polar end group. Polar Attraction chemistry remains a protective plated film over metal surfaces during high temperature and pressure.

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